Thursday, March 31, 2011

Running and Homo Sapiens


There are two things which are absolutely primal.  We human beings have been doing them for thousands of years.  We could not have survived without doing these things.  The first is running.  I’m sure you can guess what the second thing is.  But you need a partner for that.  You can run alone.

I am always surprised at people who say they can’t run.  Everyone can run with some practice.  All children run.  At what point did you grow up and stop?  If it has been a long time since you have been running, the key is to start out slow.  As soon as our early ancestors could stand on two legs they began running.  They ran for hunting, to escape danger, and to travel long distances.  It’s hard to believe that sometime in our recent history, we got to the point where people avoid running at all costs.  Even today, running is absolutely vital.  Whether trying to make it to class on time or escaping danger.  You will not ride an elliptical machine away from someone attacking you!

Today I went for my first training run for the marathon and wrote out a training plan.  Usually the more detailed the plan is, the less likely it is to be followed.  I will let you all know in a few weeks how it is going.

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