Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What motivates YOU to climb?

If you knew you would never climb any harder than you do now, would you keep climbing?

Is it the journey or the destination?  I hate to get all  philosophical, but I have to wonder.  I met a man once who had been really into climbing and then he completely quit.  If you ever go on eBay and look up climbing gear you know what I'm talking about.  It's the people selling off a whole rack at once.  He told me that he realized he would never climb 5.10, so he took up cycling instead.

Ask yourself:

Do you have just as much fulfillment from climbing something easy versus pushing yourself?
Do you train for climbing with non-climbing workouts?
Do you prefer to climb with people who will climb at a certain difficulty level?
Do you ever feel like you should be better at climbing considering the amount of effort you put into it?
Did you jump into lead climbing and trying to do climbs much more difficult than what you're ready for?

I'm not trying to "diss" anybody!  We all climb because it's fun!  But why is it fun for you?

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  1. Shane, great topic and conversation starter. I'd have to say that I get the most enjoyment out of helping others step outside their 'circle of comfort'. Having climbed at the 5.11 level at once point in my life, I love to feel strong and to climb routes that challenge me. I also get just as much enjoyment out of bringing a friend up their first multi-pitch climb (which I did just recently!). It puts a smile on my face when we reach our goal and they realize they are capable of more then then originally thought. I will continue to push myself and work towards harder trad leads but will ALWAYS be happy to take a friend up something moderate and hopefully inspire others to find enjoyment in this wonderful sport.