Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What's on my rock climbing rack now?


A rack is an ever evolving thing.  If your rack is not moving forward, then it’s standing still.  Pieces get lost, stuck, and dropped.  New gear comes out in all it’s shiny goodness.  It must adapt to the climbs of the day.  It must be organized for maximum efficiency.  This is my rack, there are many like it, but this one is mine. 

I welcome questions, comments, and criticisms.



One set of Black Diamond Micros, one set of Black Diamond Stoppers, several booty nuts, and one set of Wild Country Rockcentrics.  Racked on Wild Country Astros or Omega Pacific Dovals.



Black, green, and grey CCH Aliens.  Blue and Yellow Metolius Master Cams.  Racked on Wild Country Astros.



Black Diamond C4 from .5-3 racked on Wild Country Astros.


Omega Pacific Link Cams full set racked on Wild Country Astros.



Camp Tricams from .25-2 and a Black Diamond C4 #4.  Racked on an Omega Pacific Doval and a Wild Country Astro.



One dozen Wild Country Helium quick draws.



8 single length “trad draws” made with a 24 inch Black Diamond nylon runner and 2 Wild Country helium's.  2 double length draws made with a 48 inch Black Diamond nylon runner and 2 Wild Country Helium's.

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