Thursday, April 21, 2011

New job at LA Fitness

This week I became a trainer at LA Fitness.

This is a brand new facility that just opened on Tuesday.  All the equipment is fresh out of the box.  The place is huge, they’ve got a great selection of machines, cardio equipment, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  They also have a power rack!


My hours are so incredibly flexible.  I essentially make my own hours, can change them at will, and don’t have to tell anybody if I want to take a day off.  I’m not kidding!  Obviously this is only if I have no appointments, I would probably be in trouble if I ditched a client.


The downside to the place is that it is definitely a big, corporate, chain gym.  The trainers don’t get paid very well compared to other gyms.  You do get plenty of clients though.  So it’s a great place to get some experience under your belt.


There is no way I could work here and not get in great shape.  I have way too much time to work out!  Somebody stop me before I get over training syndrome! 


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