Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day at Seneca

Another great long weekend at Seneca Rocks!    This 4th of July was the ECP and PMC mixer.  As a member of both clubs there was no way I could miss this fun event.  Just for good measure there was a large group from Earth Treks as well.
We camped at Seneca Shadows campground.  I got there somewhat late, but some nice hang gliders in another group campsite let me have a spot with them. It was really generous of them, and they even brewed coffee for us in the morning.  I tried to get them to trade hang gliding for rock climbing but they wouldn’t go for it.  Apparently, climbing is too dangerous!
I was climbing all day Sunday with Kelley from DC.  We got started on the mega-classic Skyline Traverse.  We were stuck behind a team from Columbus Ohio and played with gear while we waited.  Later on that day we were stuck behind the same team on Old Ladies.  And then we were stuck behind them on the Traffic Jam rappel route.  What a long day with lots of waiting!  But at the end I was very tired in that good way, where you know you’ll sleep good at night and the front porch’s frozen pizza dough tastes like Vace.
We also did Le Gourmet direct.  Was it 5.6 or 5.8?
This is one of the first summit picture of the Potomac Mountain Club at Seneca, with the fabled flag which has been to so many mountains.  Behind Kelley is the president of PMC, Court and Christina.
The next day I was lucky to tag along with Michael and Toni.  We did Old Man’s route, but a slight variation to the start where we stayed out to the left on a face with hand crack at the top.
The pitch went at about 5.6 I estimate, but I could not find it in the guide book.
While we were up there Team XX came up Old Man’s route behind us.
The Front Porch was busy all weekend, I took this shot from the summit.
Finally, the best thing to happen all weekend was I got myself a hound.  A couple from DC found 3 puppies by the side of the road Sunday night.  Monday morning at Tom’s I decided that I wanted one and named him Seneca.
And don’t worry, I won’t let him run around at the bottom of the crag.