Monday, October 24, 2011

Chili Cook-off 2011


Patty enjoys breakfast at the Ground Up coffee shop

All agree the chili cook off this year was one of the best ever!  Every year there is a huge party down at Seneca Rocks to celebrate the close of the climbing season.  Plenty of free beer, food, and gear giveaways as well as entertainment make it an event you don’t want to miss.


Joe climbing Neck Press in approach shoes

Day 1

My climbing partner for the weekend couldn’t make it but luckily Joe Calcek was looking for a partner as well.  Unfortunately someone who won’t be named forgot their climbing shoes.  Not the end of the world though, we climbed the whole day in approach shoes.   I lead all 3 pitches of Neck Press, a 5.7+, in them.  After that Joe had the guts to lead Candy Corner in his approach shoes.

P1020756  P1020760

Peter and Patty on Roy Gap Chimneys

Wow!  It was seriously crowded this weekend.  Not totally unexpected.  This weekend is more about having fun than getting lots of climbing in.


Clipping anchors on the first pitch of Totem


Chili chow down time at the Gendarme

After a late start and an early finish, we decided it was time to get to the party.  Justin Low had brought 4 kegs of homemade beer!  I have no idea how many I had as I was just refilling all night.  I do know that at some point I ate a ton of chili.


Open mike night at the mountain guides

Day 2


Hiking up to the north peak with Naz, Kurt, and Bill

Joe had to head out in the morning so I found myself teamed up with a group from DC.  We decided to head towards the north peak east face so we could climb in the warm sun.

Unrelenting Verticality

Unrelenting Verticality 5.9

We were far from the first people there and many of the routes were busy.  The one that was open was Unrelenting Verticality.  It is a very stout 5.9, with an incredibly bouldery run out start.  It has been one of my long time goals to lead it clean and I have had a couple of epic attempts.  So here I was trying it as my “warm up” climb since it was the only one open!  To make a long story short, I did not get it cleanly but I was dam close!  Just one hang and one itty bitty fall near the top when I was getting really pumped.  I am positive it will go next time.


Bill on Lichen Or Leave It

Next Kurt led Lichen or Leave It.  It’s the classic finger crack at Seneca and it’s a lot of fun!

P1020838  P1020866

Bill leads Bandito with Kurt belaying

Now it was time for the real professional to get his turn.  Bill had some unfinished business on Bandito.  He must be a much stronger climber than 5 years ago when he tried it before.  He did it clean, no falls or hangs.  I followed him up it and was thoroughly impressed.  Holy cow!  It was hard!  It was a 5.9!  It must be the hardest 5.9 I have ever been on.


Climber on the south peak ridge

I really felt this was one of most fun weekends I’ve had at Seneca.  I got lots of hard climbing in as well as having a great time with old and new friends. 


The Thais face in the late afternoon