Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring trip to New River Gorge


Day 1


We are the ONLY car in the parking lot at Endless Wall on a nice weekend. 


Joe is rapping down the Fantasy rappel.  We would go on to climb Fantasy 5.8 and make a feeble attempt at Fantasy Face 5.12a.


Fantasy was an awesome climb.


Aesthetica 5.11c

For this trip we decided that we were going to pick a climb which is way too hard for either of us and “project” it. Meaning we would throw ourselves at it again and again over the course of months trying to get a little higher each time. Then with luck, send it in the fall.


The Undeserved 5.10c.  The name of this climb rang true as I attempted a lead before being ready.  I polluted the sanctity of this beautiful climb by hanging my ass all over it.  I did get to the top though, on the sharp end.  Unfinished business.



Joe seconds the Undeserved.

Day 2

We headed to Whippoorwill Wall in search of some more moderate climbs and a shorter drive home.  The day was beautiful, warm and sunny.


We arrived at a nice warm up area and each led Bongo 5.7.  As we were climbing some folks from Ohio started climbing near us.  It was funny to see all these people climbing up and down this face.


I dragged my rack down there so I was going to use it.  I lead Java 5.9, a really nice climb that should be done more often.


Joe nearing the top of Java.

At this point many of the sport climbs were taken.  Interestingly enough there wasn’t anybody else doing trad.  We quickly did Aimee’s Jugs 5.6 and then I noticed a nice looking corner…


Charlotte’s Corner 5.10a.  This climb was somewhat in your face with the triple roof but it was tons of fun!




It ended up being a fantastic weekend!