Monday, January 28, 2013

New Petzl Laser Speed Ice Screws!

They just had the winter Outdoor Retailer Show out in Salt Lake City, and one of the coolest new items are the Petzl ice screws. 

The choice has always been the BD Express or Grivel 360.  The BD gives you easy racking, the Grivel gives you the ability to place in small pockets.  The new Petzl screws look like they are the best of both worlds.  They have a low profile hanger which is much smaller than the BD hanger.  This means they shouldn’t catch on ice features as much.  They have a fold out knob which lies flat during storage, and gives you lots of leverage.  The finish quality should be top notch as Petzl’s stuff always is.

They have “light” version which should be nice for mountaineering or alpine climbing.

It looks like they should be available by Fall ‘13 – if they don’t get recalled…

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